‘Oh the places you’ll go” -Dr. Seuss

I remember when I first started getting into photography “professionally” after my second child was born.  My first yoga instructor asked if I would take some pictures for her online presence.  I was still learning how to make my images come to life.  However, those are still. Some of my favorite images to date.  I worried I would never have an opportunity like it again.  

Fast forward to a night at Phish, here in Denver.  I ran into my southern spitfire yoga instructor.  After a little bit of chatting, she said I should join her on a yoga retreat to Waunita Hot Springs.  Having never gone on a retreat, I was immediately intrigued.  

I’m so glad I said yes! I know the yoga was going to be great because, my client is a-m-a-z-i-n-g at what she does.  What I didn’t expect was how fabulous the people would be.  I have never grown to know and love such a diverse group of people in such a short amount of time.  The images were challenging since we were in a barn with very little light, but it also allowed me to stretch my wings creatively, which is always good for growth.

The slack line and paddle board time in the hot springs made for some really fun images.  It just goes to show you, yoga isn’t all seriousness all the time...especially with this group of fabulous souls. Thank you all for an amazing weekend!

Courtney Oliver