I love taking pictures of newborns.  Is there anything cuter in this world?  I have found through the years that many parents, while they love the images, come into these shoots with a lot of questions and anxiety.  I figured it would be best to write a post from the perspective of the photographer. 

I am a mother of two, and feel I have a good idea of what parents’ concerns are during these sessions.  My first priority over great photos and anything else is to make sure your child is safe.  Once your child is positioned for an image, I will make sure they are secure where they are.  That usually involves a bit of parent participation.  

Second, I want to make sure the family is comfortable.  Babies are unpredictable.  I know this very well.  So don’t worry if your child is cranky, it will pass.  If it looks like the day we have planned isn’t going to work out, we can reschedule.  So, all I ask is that we all be ready to roll with the punches.  We all know what babies are capable of.  Get ready, cause you know what babies can produce, and it will most likely happen.  As a photographer, I don’t mind if my props or I get a little messy.  Depending on the shoot, it may be you, who gets a little messy, but it’s all in good fun.  No matter what, it will be a great story to share with your kids when they get older.  Trust me, they will get a good laugh out of it.  

Last, don’t be afraid to speak up.  This is your child.  If there is something that is making you feel uncomfortable, let me know.  Is there a shot you would like that I am not taking, tell me.  I want to interact with the families.  I love quirky ideas, don’t ever be afraid to speak up.  In the end, I’m not happy unless you are!

Teasley Ruback