This particular photoshoot was a special one due to the fact that I went to high school with the parents. I showed up to to my client’s parent’s house with a vague recollection of what it looked like many years prior when I was last there. (Too many years to document here.)

I always am a bit nervous walking into a location without having a chance to preview it first so I have a plan of action to get rolling with. However, their home didn’t disappoint! The light was exquisite! We had very little time to catch up before I was telling them to get together on the lawn immediately. Thanks fully, they were game, because as you can see, the sun was perfect.

The property had so many amazing spots to shoot, I was so glad my client had insisted upon going there. In addition, the whole family was clearly at ease in a spot where so much love clearly lived. I’m so glad the images came out so well and am thankful for the reconnection with old friends. For this, and so many other reasons, I’m thankful for my job.